Monday, March 21, 2011

take offs and landings.

For any of you familiar with Rilo Kiley, you can recognize Jenny Lewis' innocent chords from far off.

Her way with words, especially in the album Take Offs and Landings, is simple, yet so meaningful. The way I picture it is like reading somebody's diary turned into an album. The subject matter of the album is easy to identify with; being in love, breaking up, moving on. Moving on in life in general.

Recommended tracks: Pictures of Success, Plane Crash in C, August, Bulletproof, Rest of My Life.


  1. Gonna check out those tracks! Followed!

  2. almost seems like she took the deepest things could write on the saddest days, and put them together in a song and still made sense

  3. haven't heard this group yet but the way you have described them makes me think it might be my kind of music. no matter the genre i have always preferred songs that have a complete story to them.