Monday, March 21, 2011


Everybody knows the feeling. It's midnight and you might be getting tired, but you also kinda want to stay up a little more. That was my night. Well, the hours passed- 1, 2, 3....until now. It's 5:38 AM and I kind of feel more awake than I did today at 3pm. Go figure. I love to sleep in late during the day, however, it kind of makes me feel useless.

I'm not even that tired right now, I could probably stay up until around 7, but I won't. That will only make me sleep until around that time tomorrow. Last night I wanted an early night and took a melatonin, or two. But unless you're into vivid, realistic nightmares and cold sweats, I wouldn't recommend it, but hey you know people these days are into just about anything. Myself? Worst sleep I've had in a long time, I can safely say so.

Unlike most people though, I do not have much of a hard getting up in the morning if I need to. I do value my sleep very much, but if I needed to wake up around 10AM tomorrow, I would be able to do so. But since I don't need to, I won't. And I'll browse the internet a little more and probably go to bed within the half hour....le sigh.



  1. too bad i always want to stay up a little later no matter gets to a point though..

  2. Me too, I have no problems with getting 4 hours sleep a night and yet even if i go to bed at 8 i can still wake up at 12 the next day. Sleep disorder much? :P